history & about the Guernsey Society
for Cancer Relief

The Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief was formed in 1983 by Jurat Dr John & Mrs Jackie Bulstrode to provide support to cancer sufferers by supplying items and services not provided by the Guernsey States under the Health and Social Services schemes.
In the early days we provided the £119,000 for the island’s first Gamma camera to help in the diagnosis of cancer at the PEH. In 1997 the Society handed over to the Board of Health a Day Hospice, Bulstrode House, which it had built in the hospital grounds at the cost of over £340,000. H.S.S.D. then provided all the staff and running costs and the Society provided volunteers to help the patients with drinks, hospital lunches and friendly chats.

In January 2010, the hospice was relocated in the new Clinical block at the PEH and became known as Bulstrode Oncology Unit. The Society spent some of its funds on improving the quality of the furnishings in the new unit to help to keep the homely atmosphere previously provided in Bulstrode House. We still provide volunteers.
However, our main role is outside the oncology unit. We provide assistance to cancer sufferers and their families when the extra financial burdens are beyond the capabilities of the family. We do not ‘Means Test’ which enables us to react very quickly to requests and it allows us to reach more people who are genuinely in need of our help. None of our money goes out of the island.

In 2014 the Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS).