support and assistance for
cancer sufferers and
their families

The main role of the Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief is to provide assistance to cancer sufferers and their families when the extra financial burdens are beyond the capabilities of the family. We do not ‘Means Test’ which enables us to react very quickly to requests and it allows us to reach more people who are genuinely in need of our help.


Most requests are received through Palliative Care nurses and our Social Worker who are part of the new Bulstrode Oncology Unit and the Oncology nurses who deliver almost all of the chemotherapy treatments in the island. Direct approaches from patients are also received.

Our main areas of help are:

  • Air or boat tickets for relatives or carers to accompany a patient to the United Kingdom when the patient is to receive treatment.
  • Nursing care at home at night, during the absence of normal carers, so that the patient can spend time or remain at home.
  • Complementary therapy when recommended by a health professional.
  • Help with home heating, because patients are often more susceptible to cold.
  • ‘Home Helps’ when the patient is unable to manage.
  • Taxi to treatments or back home when no other free transport is available and buses are not easily possible.
  • We share costs of wigs and other prostheses with the Department of Health and Social Security.
  • Help with organising aids to help patients at home, i.e. wheelchairs, hoists, nebulizers, commodes, frames, etc.
  • We buy and distribute booklets devoted to specific cancers.
  • Extra oxygen provision, for example an extra bottle in a different room.

These are our main headings, but there are numerous other ‘one offs’. We spent an average of ¬£140,000 a year helping patients and their families.
No salaries are paid by the Society. All Society personnel in Bulstrode Oncology Unit are volunteers who serve drinks and meals and friendly chats to patients receiving treatment. All the nursing staff are funded by the Health and Social Services Department.
We do not pay doctors’ bills except in extraordinary circumstances.